David B. Greenberger, PhD

Professor of Management and Human Resources at the Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

David B. Greenberger, PhD is Professor of Management and Human Resources at the Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University.   Through August, 2017, he was Fisher’s Associate Dean for Staff, Human Resources and Administration, overseeing all human resources at Fisher.   He was also the Academic Director and Co-Principal Investigator of the Ohio State Center for International Business, Education and Research (CIBER), a $1M grant from the U.S. Department of Education and is also the Director of Information Technology Services.   Prior to his becoming associate dean, he was, for 18 years, the Chair of the Department of Management and Human Resources at Fisher as well as head of information technology from 1992-2010 and again, 2012-2017.

He received his B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, both an M.S. and Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and was a post-doctoral research associate in organizational behavior at Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Business.  His research focuses on management issues involved in the growth of “subscription” organizations, the causes of mentoring, the role of temporary workers in organizations, and talent management.   He has published in such leading academic journals as The Academy of Management Journal, The Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.  In addition, he has published, with Robert Heneman, a book entitled, “Human Resource Management in Virtual Organizations”  (published by Information Age Publishing).

Dr. Greenberger was the 1995 winner of the first annual, Walter A. Ulmer Award, given by the Center for Creative Leadership, for his research describing the impact of vision training on leaders.  He was voted the Fisher College’s best Management and Human Resource doctoral professor in both 1995 and 1996 and received the college’s 1993 and 2005 Pace Setters Service Awards.  He has consulted and done executive education programs for a variety of organizations on topics including:  the changing nature of the workforce, managerial imperatives in virtual organizations, talent acquisition, mentoring, groups/teamwork, employee engagement and morale.