LSP consultants can provide its clients with Executive Coaching support to specific individuals and/or their teams. Executive Coaching is the art and science of facilitating an individual’s self-directed discovery and change. It’s a collaborative activity designed to help a person think through a situation with greater depth and clarity than they could do on their own and come up with actionable goals to which they are willing to commit. Effective coaching and mentoring often occurs in brief encounters that are quick conversational opportunities, via phone call, email, i-chat, Skype or hallway conversations. They may last only a few minutes but a brief chat with a coach who knows the right techniques can accomplish much in a very short time.

The consultants at LSP can offer seasoned experience in every aspect of business operations and related leadership. Our Executive Coaching program is geared toward assisting our clients self-discover one or more manageable first steps they can take toward improving their situation. We utilize inquiry to assist our clients discover actions that can be taken to create forward momentum. Our past coaching assignments have included some of the highest level executives in the very largest multi-national organizations, to small and medium sized company executives, as well in key players in educational and not-for-profit institutions.